• If you dare walk into his studio in a bad mood, he will have you smiling within two seconds. Then he’ll have you weeping over how beautiful his shots are (yes, he’s that good). By the time you leave you’ll want to hug everyone in the room. THAT’S what it’s like to work with Lee Stanford.
  • Cheryl Watson, Creative Director & Principal, Graphiculture
  • Professional, genuine, and extremely talented are the words that come to mind when thinking of Lee Stanford. The team and I always look forward to the upcoming fashion shoots with him knowing that inspiring material always comes out in the end. Lee understands and knows how to capture the best of the brand and deeply cares about the quality and end product he delivers each and every time.
  • Melissa Rademacher, Director of Marketing, Vanity
  • When you shoot with Lee, not only will you be laughing the entire time, but you'll end up with top notch, quality photography that meets your needs every time. He's so easy and fun to work with!
  • Lindsay Fischer, Senior Art Director/Designer, Little & Company
  • My journey as a makeup artist has taken me to the four corners of the world. I have worked with some of the best photographers in the world – and I count Lee Stanford among that group. I have always found him to be professional, creative, super nice and, most importantly, a very talented photographer.
  • David Maderich, New York Makeup Artist
  • It is always a pure pleasure when I get the opportunity to work with Lee. The atmosphere during a shoot with Lee is always pumped full of energy and extremely upbeat. He is one of the most creative photographers I have everworked with-a true artisan. There is so much to love about Lee both professionally and personally-but his work speaks for itself. It's always a highlight in my week when I get the call to work with him.
  • Kirki Schultz, Wardrobe & Set Stylist
  • Lee is a blast to work with... He knows how to light and shoot, and he knows how to create a fun and energetic vibe. I don't care whether you're getting your house painted, or your car fixed, or your teeth cleaned, or your picture taken... everything is better when you work with that one-in-a-million guy who truly loves his job. Thats Lee.
  • Adam Livermore, Makeup Artist for Oribe & Armani
  • Working with Lee Stanford has always been a creative and fun experience. His dedication to creating an atmosphere in which the crew and the client are working together to accomplish the best result is ever present. Lee's ability to work with talent is natural and his direction is always clear and often humorous which creates an atmosphere of ease. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met.
  • Maureen Donahue, Wardrobe & Set Stylist

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